Integrative health services for

people who are motivated to identify and resolve 

the root causes of their illness.

You're in the Right Place if:

You want to find your next inroad to health, happiness, joy, peace, and meaning.


You feel more tired lately, like something in your body is off but you don't know what.


You are dealing with a health challenge and would like to talk with an Integrative Medicine specialist to see if there are other ways to treat it than the standard approach.


Your chronic pain or illness has created a disconnect between what your soul can do and what your body can do.


Your chronic pain or illness makes you feel guilty or like you need to hide.


You've been told your lab results are normal but you still feel terrible.


A medical problem runs in your family and you want to know whether this is a risk for you as well.


You would like some help and support to change your diet, exercise effectively, and love your body.


You want more of a community around you of like-minded and like-hearted people.

There are stresses in your life that are taking your time, attention and energy.

There are issues in your relationships that need attention and healing.

You don't enjoy your work and want to feel good about how you spend your day.

You would like some help to deal with conflict effectively, either at work or at home.

You want to be a better partner, lover, parent, child, coworker (or you want them to be these things for you).

You want to feel welcome when you come home.

You are feeling disconnected from your life and want to feel more engaged.

The thought of disability and death scare you and you want more peace around these concerns.

You are not looking for a new religion, but you do long for more of a spiritual connection to the world around you and to something bigger than yourself - whatever that might mean for you personally.

You are wondering what your life purpose is and want to find more meaning in your life.

We've helped innumerable people just like you achieve their health goals after they thought they had exhausted all their resources.



We combine our wisdom with your wisdom so that we can work in partnership on your health and well-being.



We have the medical, psychological, and psychospiritual knowledge needed to identify and treat the underlying causes of your discomforts rather than just treating your symptoms as if they are all separate issues.

So What Are you Waiting For?

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Dr. Bruce is Board certified in both Family Medicine and Psychiatry with additional expertise in Integrative Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine. 


He's also the Co-Founder of LightHearted Medicine and Dr. Molly's Husband.

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Dr. Molly is past President of the American Holistic Medical Association and Past Chairman of the Board for the Integrative Medicine Consortium.


She's also the Co-Founder of LightHearted Medicine and Dr. Bruce's Wife.

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