Lab Kit Instructions


Please click on each link for which you have been given a test kit. Watch the video and/or read the written instructions before doing the test in order to ensure a smooth process with these kits. Please contact us if you have any other questions about how to prepare for these labs.


*Our thanks go to the Institute for Health & Healing for the use of these lab kit instruction videos that our team created during our time with them.​

General Lab Kit Instructions


  1. Read over the instructions and watch the videos carefully before doing the test. We cannot stress this strongly enough. The instructions give you all the information you need to prepare for the test, and some of these tests do need several days of preparation beforehand. The most common frustration for patients is in trying to do the lab kits without having watched the video or read the written instructions first. 

  2. All specialty lab kits should be completed and sent off on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before Noon so that they won't get stuck in transit over a weekend. 

  3. If a major holiday is coming up, please contact the specialty lab to ask when they suggest you send your lab kit to avoid it arriving when they are closed for the holiday.

  4. Some kits include a freezer brick that must be frozen overnight before taking the kit to the blood draw site. The instructions will specify which kits need you to do this.

  5. Many of the specialty kits do not involve a blood draw and can be completed by you at home. These kits will contain the method for you to mail the kit to the specialty lab yourself, most often with UPS or FedEx. If you mail it yourself, please don't place it in a mail drop box - hand it directly to a human being at the shipping facility so that it isn't exposed to the elements.

  6. If the specialty kit does involve a blood draw, the lab tech will take care of mailing your kit after they draw your blood. 

  7. Some of these kits are a combination of blood and urine - if so, read the instructions because those urine samples may need to be collected at home and frozen for 2 hours before you go to the blood draw site. If you arrive at the blood draw site without this prepared urine sample in hand, they will often send you away to complete the test on another day. You can save yourself time and frustration by reading the instructions ahead of time and completing your portion of the test preparation.

  8. There are only a few blood draw centers in the area that are trained to draw these specialty labs. Do not take these kits to your regular blood draw site - they will more than likely either refuse to draw your blood or may make mistakes in their preparation of your blood sample. This will delay your getting the information from the test. Click here for a list of blood draw centers that can assist you with these kits.

  9. Most of these kits take about 7-30 days to process your sample and create a report. Please schedule a follow-up appointment with us about 3-4 weeks after you have sent off the kit.


We recognize that these test kits are new to you and that you are not familiar with how they are done. Please start by reading or watching the instructions carefully, but if you have questions after that, don't hesitate to contact us.


Our goal is for this process of collecting your poop, pee, blood and spit to be as lighthearted for you as possible. ;)

We are just a phone call away and happy to help you navigate your labs!


Boston Heart


Cyrex Laboratories


Doctor's Data


Urine Toxic Metal Test





Hepatic Detox Profile





Vaginosis Profile





Genova Diagnostics

NutrEval Test





Please Note: the video does not include the new saliva genetic test. The Written Instructions do.

Adrenocortex Stress Profile



Lactose Intolerance Test




Food & Environmental Antibody Test





Complete Women's Hormone Profile




Complete Male Hormone Profile




Bacterial Overgrowth





Toxic Effects CORE Test




Bone Resorption Assessment




Toxic Elements Clearance Test



Heidelberg Test

Heidelberg Test






Quicksilver Scientific

Mercury Tri-Test



Blood Metals Test




US BioTek


ZRT Laboratories